Does New $100 Coin Pay Homage To Michelle Obama???

by Sierra Marlee | January 18, 2017 2:13 pm

According to Eagle Rising[1], the newly minted $100 commemorative coin bears an image that is shockingly familiar.

Many are claiming that the picture on the back of the coin – minted to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the United States Mint – looks an awful lot like Michelle Obama. The coins are set to release in April, but have already seen a fair amount of backlash.

The coin, pictured below, depicts a woman with features that are strikingly similar to First Lady Michelle Obama.

michelle-obama-us-mint[2]Now a profile shot of the FLOTUS…


You can see how there are some similarities, but you can also see some differences, such as the nose, the chin and the lips.

According to Fortune[4], the biennial series portrays “Liberty” and will do so in the future as other races, such as Hispanic-American, Asian-American, Indian-American and more. The coin is meant to prompt discussion about diversity and what liberty means to our constantly-evolving society.

Critics blame the Obamas for the coin’s depiction of an African American woman, but according to William Gibbs[5], manager of the magazine Coin World, the White House had no hand in picking the design.

The image on the coin is gorgeous and represents African-American features very well. I don’t have a problem with it and even if I did, there’s not much use crying over spilled milk because it’s something that is over and done with.

Whether it was based on Michelle Obama’s physical features or not, it’s a gorgeous piece.

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