This School Holds NO Punches – Tells Michelle Obama EXACTLY What They Think Of Her

Now that the Obama Presidency is coming to a close, schools feel emboldened and are bucking off the chains of poor school lunches in accordance with Michelle Obama’s idea of “healthy.”

Monte del Sol Charter School has officially dropped the FLOTUS’ lunch plan and they weren’t kind about it. Kinda brings a proud tear to the eye.


The school’s principal let the outgoing First Lady know exactly how he felt about her lunch program and he had absolutely nothing nice to say.

“We receive $3.00 from the federal government for each free lunch that we serve,” school principal Robert Jessen reportedly informed parents in an email last month. “However, it costs more to serve that lunch. For the last several years the school has been able to pay the difference, but this year we cannot.”

“It might create a small hardship,” Jessen said, but “there’s also good, old-fashioned sack lunches.”

This is an example of socialism on a small scale and even that failed after a period of time. It’s unfortunate because there are a lot of children whose parent(s) don’t make enough to be able to pay for their lunches, but you can’t run a school in the red. No business works that way and schools are in fact a business.

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