Vanity Fair Snubs Melania Trump To Fully Honor Michelle Obama On ‘Best Dressed’ List

Vanity Fair Snubs Melania Trump To Fully Honor Michelle Obama On ‘Best Dressed’ List

The left has mocked Melania for being “just an underwear model” for years, but now they’re trying to tell us that Michelle Obama is more fashionable than the current FLOTUS?

Vanity Fair, a failing fashion magazine edited by Graydon Carter, has snubbed the beautiful and fashionable Melania Trump on their International Best Dressed List and instead glorified Michelle Obama, who suffered year’s worth of terrible dressers and designers while in the White House. This isn’t a best dressed list, it’s a completely political piece.

Editor Graydon Carter recently received the Order of Canada from the Canadian Governor General who hands out the awards based on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, so I’m shocked that Shiny Unicorn Justin Trudeau and his yoga teacher wife didn’t make the list as well. Carter says he’s a Libertarian who doesn’t vote and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

For reference, Melania (and Donald — since this was a list of best dressed couples) was not worth ranking on the list, but French First Lady Brigette Macron was featured. On her recent trip to Paris, she wore this gorgeous red Dior outfit in honor of the French fashion house’s anniversary, while Brigette faded into the background.


A few months ago, we reported on Dolce & Gabbana, whose designs Melania often wears, were being hit with a #BoyCottDolce&Gabbana campaign due to their involvement in the FLOTUS’ wardrobe. Their response was to post on Instagram a photo of Melania at the Vatican wearing one of their custom designs appropriate for the Catholic Melania to wear while meeting cardinals and the Pope.

The press is trying their best to find ways to attack Melania and the recent spat of “she’s bad at dressing!” is childish. A few days ago, she earned the focus of the most super serious journalists by wearing high heels while boarding a plane to survey the destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey and then daring to switch into more practical white shoes upon leaving the plane.

As a regular wearer of cropped black pants with white sneakers, I approve of her practical outfit complete with the FLOTUS baseball cap. Are they selling those on the Trump store yet? If I wear that while going out for a jog, will I be attacked?

Radio host Anthony Cumia posted his reaction to her outfit on Twitter:

If you still don’t think the Vanity Fair list is a pile of trash, consider this — they didn’t even consider the beautiful, stylish Kate Middleton good enough for inclusion.

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