Surprise! In ‘Crisis’ Mode, Qatar Hires Former Bush Attorney General To Lead Lobbying Effort

Surprise! In ‘Crisis’ Mode, Qatar Hires Former Bush Attorney General To Lead Lobbying Effort

I didn’t see this one coming… not at all. Qatar has hired former Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft as a lobbyist and crisis management consultant. They are paying his law firm a hefty $2.5 million to provide strategic advice and they are to start immediately. They had better. Qatar has been cut off by land, sea and air, as well as financially by the rest of the Middle East. Iran and Turkey are coming to their rescue, so I don’t know if they are all that worried. President Trump has come out in defense of Saudi Arabia’s stance against Qatar because they fund terrorism and have ties to Iran.

Our largest military base in the Middle East is in Qatar. It is home to about 10,000 troops. I am not sure how this will impact them. In a speech aimed at clarifying Trump’s remarks, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on the Saudi-led coalition to ease its blockade. He said it was not ‘helpful’. But Trump undercut those remarks, saying at a press conference on Friday that Qatar is a “funder of terrorism at a very high level.” And it is. I support this move… it’s just that militarily, I’m not sure how we will handle that.

From The Daily Caller:

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Qatar, reeling from a blockade imposed by its Arab neighbors as well as President Trump’s accusation that the Persian Gulf nation funds terror, has hired former Attorney General John Ashcroft as a lobbyist and crisis management consultant.

According to documents filed with the Justice Department on Friday, Qatar will pay Ashcroft Law Firm $2.5 million to provide strategic advice, crisis response, legal counsel, and media outreach to help bolster its image and improve its compliance with anti-money laundering and counterterrorism laws.

The work will commence “immediately,” according to the contract, which notes “the urgency of this matter.”

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates announced a blockade against Qatar over its alleged financing of terror groups and its ties to Iran. The small oil-rich regime, which has been dubbed “Club Med for Terrorists,” has long been accused providing a safe haven for terrorists and their financiers.

In a shock to many, President Trump backed the coalition’s decision, saying that “perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!”

Ashcroft’s contract details how they will assist Qatar in improving its money-laundering and counterterrorism compliance programs as well as to communicate those efforts to government leaders and the media. Good luck with that. Ashcroft will also enlist the support of former senior government officials from the Intelligence Community, FBI, Department of Treasury and the Department of Homeland Security. Surprise! Gee… it almost sounds as if they would be working directly against President Trump. Imagine that. “The Firm understands the urgency of this matter and need to communicate accurate information to both a broad constituency and certain domestic agencies and leaders,” reads the contract.

Qatar has also hired lobbyists and foreign agents in the U.S. Most recently, a ruling family member paid $2 million to a Greek shoe salesman to free kidnapped relatives in Iraq in an effort involving hackers, encrypted Internet communication and promises of millions of dollars in ransom payments. That ransom payment, believed to have gone to Shiite militias holding the Qataris in Iraq, has sparked anger among those now trying to isolate it. Egypt has asked the United Nations Security Council to investigate reports that Qatar “paid up to $1 billion” to free the hostages, saying such a payment would violate U.N. sanctions.

Ashcroft was attorney general during the Sept. 11th attacks and then helped push through the Patriot Act. Now this. I don’t get it. Business makes strange bedfellows… but terrorists? Qatar is directly linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. One of the demands is that Qatar get rid of Al Jazeera, because it is a terrorist propaganda mouthpiece. I agree on that as well. Make no mistake about this though… the Middle East is now being redrawn and a new Caliphate with a new leader will emerge. It’s coming and along with it, war.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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