Media Reporter Compares Vice President Pence To Shariah Law – Gets Her Stuff Pushed Back In…

Media Reporter Compares Vice President Pence To Shariah Law – Gets Her Stuff Pushed Back In…

A “journalist” noted that Vice President Mike Pence’s eating habits are in line with “Sharia Law” and used this to explain why he won’t be alone in a room with a female aside from his wife.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then went on to say that his eyes are “the ones women see before the assault happens.”


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From Conservative Tribune:

A journalist who claimed that Vice President Mike Pence’s eating habits were consistent with Shariah law is facing a firestorm of criticism on Twitter after her remarks, The Daily Caller reports.

Xeni Jardin, a writer with the alternative news site Boing Boing, tweeted Wednesday that “VP Mike Pence’s ‘conservative Christian’ faith is the explanation given for why he won’t be in a room alone with a female who’s not his wife.

“As (Gawker founding editor Elizabeth Spiers) noted in a thread today, this means he’d be unable to work with a female colleague as a peer in a professional setting,” Jardin continued.

“Sincere question. How is this different from extreme repressive interpretations of Islam (‘Sharia Law!’) mocked by people like Mike Pence,” she asked.

In a country where everyone hates the President and Vice President with a roaring passion and women can cry rape whenever they want, ruining a person’s career before ever proving they’re guilty, I don’t blame him for this. It’s an extremely smart move and if I were him, I’d hold an identical policy regardless of what some two-bit “journalist” on the Internet says.

Twitter responded immediately to this woman’s shameful message.

Sometimes it’s just hard to believe that these people have made it this far in life without achieving a Darwin Award.

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