PATRIOTIC CHILLS! Pence Breaks Security Plan To STARE DOWN Kim Jong-Un’s Soldiers! [WATCH]

PATRIOTIC CHILLS! Pence Breaks Security Plan To STARE DOWN Kim Jong-Un’s Soldiers! [WATCH]

Not only does the Trump administration not bow to foreign leaders, but our very own Vice President stares down our enemies without fear.

I have to admit, it feels good to know that we have leaders brave enough to pull that kind of stunt, even when it goes against security protocol. You certainly wouldn’t have caught Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton doing that sort of thing.

In a surprise trip to the Demilitarized Zone between the feuding Koreas, Vice President Mike Pence decided to break protocol and walk outside to get a view of the scene.

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He then proceeded to glare at the North Korean troops until I thought their faces were going to melt off.

Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images

He shouldn’t have been outside, but according to CNN, he decided that it was something that he needed to see.

North Korean soldiers could also be seen from across the border taking pictures of our Vice President.

Pence also took the time to warn North Korea to not make any brash moves, or the United States will respond.

Watch the video below:

The New York Times weighed in on the situation, coming to the conclusion that Trump has three options to deal with the North Korea problem:

Mr. Trump essentially has three choices: a military strike that could ignite a full-blown war; pressure on China to impose tougher sanctions to persuade the North to change course, an approach that failed for his predecessors; or a deal that could require significant concessions, with no guarantee that North Korea would fulfill its promises.

I’m hoping that for America’s sake, we can figure out how to control these shenanigans without having to actually attack the North Koreans or put boots on the ground, but there are some people who only understand and respond to force.

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