Rush Limbaugh CONFRONTS Mike Pence: You Were Sent There to Drain the Swamp

Rush Limbaugh CONFRONTS Mike Pence: You Were Sent There to Drain the Swamp

Rush Limbaugh won back some points with me on this interview. He didn’t hold back and he bluntly asked Vice President Pence what the point of voting Republican was if the Democrats are going to get everything they want, just as they did in this budget deal. Basically, the budget funds climate change, the EPA, Planned Parenthood, the bailout of Puerto Rico and Obamacare. It provides some funds for the border, but no funds for a wall. Yes, I know there are funds there already for cyclone fencing and parts of a metal wall, but that is not what was promised. There is $21 billion for the military and that is vital. But the military isn’t everything here.

Pence kept pushing the military funding and spoke of repealing and replacing Obamacare. But that move just died for a second time. That is where they plan to take away funding for Planned Parenthood, but that whole issue is looking less and less viable every day. Instead we hear talk from President Trump of instituting a gas tax to pay for his infrastructure projects. That’s not conservative and it is not what Americans voted for. I heard this morning that there are actually MORE refugees coming in this year than under Obama. DACA is still in place as well. I want to believe in President Trump, but other than Gorsuch being put on the Supreme Court, I have yet to see any real tangible changes here.

From Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: If this is what happens, Mr. Vice President, why vote Republican? What is the point of voting Republican if the Democrats are gonna continue to win practically 95% of their objectives, such as in this last budget deal?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, look, respectfully, Rush, I actually think this was, as the president said a little a while ago, I think this was actually a clear win for the American people. Look, you’ve had Washington, D.C., that has been, you know, paralyzed by gridlock and partisan infighting for many years, and in this new president you have someone who was able to bring people together and make a $21 billion increase in defense spending at a time of great challenge for America’s interests around the world. And that’s a — you know, he spoke about that today, surrounded by a lot of great members of the United States Air Force. And it was also a piece for years, Democrats in Washington insisted that any increase in defense spending would be matched with an increase in domestic spending.

So you gotta grow government at home if you’re gonna, you know, invest in our national defense. This ended that. I mean, in a very real sense this was a game-changer because we’re just back to putting the safety, security, and the national defense of the American people first, and I think it sends, having just traveled around the Asian-Pacific representing the president over the last couple of weeks, I think this sends a decisive message to the world that under President Trump’s leadership we’re gonna make the strongest military in history even stronger.

As Ronald Reagan said, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” Exactly where does that leave America currently? The biggest action group against illegal immigration. ALICPAC, pulled their endorsement of President Trump yesterday for the aforementioned reasons. I’m all for rebuilding the military, but if you do not secure our borders, we are not safe. And if you allow leftists to bankrupt America irreparably, then none of it will matter, now will it?

Yes, more money will go towards border security… but the only way to secure that border is with a wall and personnel to patrol it, as well as drones and computerized security. Removing entitlements will help, but those don’t matter to drug dealers and terrorists. Trump says he wants to tackle this in September. Every President says that and then it never happens. I would be shocked if this time were any different. Pence is right, this stops gridlock… but to do so, you sell your soul to the left. That’s not winning, that’s capitulation. In John Hawkins’ new book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in number 17 of the book, “If you want to know what a person really believes, watch their actions.” That’s the problem here… we are not seeing any real action by the Republicans. Just a lot of talk. Even Rush Limbaugh is upset over this, just as he should be.

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