Twitter EXPLODES as Reporter Says Pence is Following SHARIAH Law

by Cassy Fiano | March 31, 2017 12:25 pm

It was recently revealed that Mike Pence has guidelines for his interactions with women, made out of respect for his wife: no solo meals with women and he won’t drink at an event unless his wife is present. While it seems fairly common-sense for most people, liberals became completely unhinged. One liberal reporter, however, took it a little too far[1] and immediately got lambasted for it.


Xeni Jardin writes for Boing Boing and apparently for her, Pence’s eating habits are incredibly offensive. She compared it to Shariah law of all things — because not eating meals alone with women is exactly the same thing as stoning women to death for trying to go to school, or being caught in public with a man.

Not only is Pence practicing his own form of Shariah law, he evidently also has “rapist eyes.” No, really.

Naturally, Jardin got raked over the coals for that load of idiocy.

Well, that was brutal. Maybe Jardin will think twice before spouting off on Twitter with whatever harebrained thoughts enter into her tiny little mind.

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