VP Pence Shows Up In Houston, Puts On Work Gloves And Gets To Work!

VP Pence Shows Up In Houston, Puts On Work Gloves And Gets To Work!

As administrations have done before, President Trump and VP Pence were down in Texas to show the country some commonality with those who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. It’s not a new tactic, but it is one that puts the country’s eyes on Texas and hopefully will cause others to put down the politics and donate their time, energy or money to the cause of helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

It is by no means a little effort. Houston and the surrounding areas are destroyed. It will take billions, that’s right, BILLIONS to get the region up and running as it was before and help needs to come from the people of this country. The Vice President of the United States was more than willing to get his hands dirty in order to help out in anyway he could.

How the left has found a justifiable way to despise Mike Pence is a gargantuan feat. The man is as milk toasty as they come, with a temperament and personality as balanced as scale. If the left is trying to drum up the image of the devil, they couldn’t have chosen a worse candidate… well, Jesus might come into play here.

Take a gander at what he’s been doing down in Texas:

News agencies throughout Texas had reported that Vice President Mike Pence had spent his time on the ground there with survivors of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. One of the places the hurricane had damaged was a local church. Well, that was enough for the Veep to throw on some work gloves and get to work with the rest of the locals.

Before he continued to haul debris and brush from the storm, he spoke saying: “We promise you, we’re going to stay with you every step until we bring Southeast Texas back bigger and better than ever before.”

Now, what did you expect from a quality guy like Pence? Yes, it’s true that his contribution doesn’t amount to much in a day’s labor, but the people of Texas now know that he knows what they are dealing with and that could be worth more than just a simple media interview or tweet.

The media will continue to vilify. Let them waste their breath. The rest of America will be building up, instead of tearing down.

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