Airforce Tells Obama Where He Can Put His “Gun Free Zones”…With THIS Announcement

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 30, 2016 11:34 am

Gotta love those flyboys![1] They came out with a study that was sane for a change. It showed that guns in the hands of the good guys stops the bad guys… period. They are the best defense in mass shooting situations. You would think that would be common sense and that you wouldn’t have to prove it with some study. But here we are. The Air Force has now sent out a letter to all commanders telling them to authorize their airmen to carry guns even when they are off duty or out of uniform. Glory freaking hallelujah! They also stipulated three programs to make sure that armed service members would be situated strategically in case of an attack to stop massacres on their bases.

Air Force[2]

From the Conservative Tribune:

Recently, a case study was conducted into active shooter cases by the U.S. Air Force that confirmed what gun rights advocates have been saying since there have been gun rights to debate — guns in the hands of the good guys is the best prospect of stopping mass shootings.

In early January, the Air Force sent out a letter to all base commanders around the continental U.S. notifying them that they can authorize their airmen to carry guns even when off duty and out of uniform.

The letter also established three programs meant to ensure that armed service members would be in place to prevent massacres at their bases.

This is evidently not new: “None of these programs gives the installation commander authorizations they didn’t already have the authorization to do,” Maj. Keith Quick, Air Force Security Forces Integrated Defense action officer, told “We are now formalizing it and telling them how they can use these types of programs more effectively.” The shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee where five were killed brought this about. One such program allows commanders “at every level” to coordinate training between security forces and Air Force personnel that will allow them to open carry their service pistols on site. We can only hope that the other service branches follow the Air Force’s lead here. This basically tells Obama he can stuff his ‘gun free zones’. Love it!

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