Army Veteran Found THIS Note On His Windshield – It’s Message? Alarming…

Army Veteran Found THIS Note On His Windshield – It’s Message? Alarming…

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, a decorated Army Staff Sergeant who served for 14 years, found a special little note on his van Monday. The note says: “U U.S. Soljer U Kill R Brothers – U Leave Here Now.” Aside from atrocious grammar, you get the drift. Any bets on this being from an Islamist? Maybe an ISIS sympathizer? Staff Sergeant Thomas Keane put the note out on social media to tell other military personnel and families to watch their six. Time for everyone to up their situational awareness out there more than ever. The only conversation needed here is where is the enemy among us right now and why isn’t everyone armed? Sure, there’s a racial component here… but this looks to me like it is an Islamic threat. Just sayin’.


From Young Conservatives:

One U.S. Army veteran says he discovered a hand-written hate note on his car windshield Monday that has since gone viral after it was posted on Facebook.

Staff Sergeant Thomas Keane, who served in the U.S. Army for 24 years from 1990 – 2014 and was awarded a Purple Heart for his service, makes no secret of his passion for the U.S. military. The van upon which the note was left is decorated with military-themed bumper stickers, including one that states he served in Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War, and Keane’s family flies a military flag on the front porch of their St. Cloud, Minnesota home, according to KMSP-TV. Keane believes the note’s author targeted him because of his obvious support for the military.

Some believe the letter left for Keane represents growing evidence of a city deeply divided over increasing racial tensions.

“It’s not surprising. There’s hatred in St. Cloud,” Natalie Rinsgmuth, an organizer with Unite Cloud, told KMSP. “We know that, and we fight against that every day. This is just another day that we need to talk about, another day to have a conversation.”


This veteran was awarded the Purple Heart. He loves the military and isn’t ashamed to show it. I would wager that if he is confronted by one of these Jihadist wannabes, it will not go well for the attacker. I’m sorry… talking is not going to solve this. It will be a fight to the death before we are done and both sides know it. Only the weak-kneed don’t get it yet. We now have no idea how many insurgents are planted and living among us. Everyone has a right to be paranoid at this point and watch their surroundings and their backs. We just don’t know what they have planned. This note is an indicator. We’d do well to take heed and prepare.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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