Assange’s Supplier and the Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

by Dave Blount | December 2, 2010 1:27 pm

Julian Assange isn’t the only repugnant creepazoid involved in potentially getting people killed by exposing secret documents on WikiLeaks. Assange got many of his documents from Bradley Manning[1]. For insight into Manning’s motivation, don’t waste your time on the “mainstream” media. Accuracy in Media[2] reports on the reporters:

The New York Times reported[3], “The possibility that a large number of diplomatic cables might become public has been discussed in government and media circles since May. That was when, in an online chat, an Army intelligence analyst, Pfc. Bradley Manning, described having downloaded from a military computer system many classified documents, including ‘260,000 State Department cables from embassies and consulates all over the world.’ In an online discussion with Adrian Lamo, a computer hacker, Private Manning said he had delivered the cables and other documents to WikiLeaks.”

This is all true. But what the Times left out of its coverage was that Manning was an open homosexual who flaunted the Pentagon’s homosexual exclusion policy without being punished for his behavior and conduct.

WaPo also pretended not to know[4] about the sexual perversion that has served Bradley Unmanly for an identity — despite it being the apparent motivation for his treason[5].

Here we were thinking that the military doesn’t allow open homosexuality.

Jonah Knox, the pseudonym for a noncommissioned officer and analyst in the United States Army Reserves, pointed out[6] in an AIM column that, rather than repeal the Pentagon’s homosexual exclusion policy, the WikiLeaks scandal demonstrates that the policy and regulations need to be tightened up.

Knox wrote that the regulations implementing the policy seemed to be designed to cause confusion. Despite Manning’s flaunting of the law, Knox wrote, “it does not surprise me that the Army may never have investigated Manning for his support of the homosexual agenda, for his frequenting of homosexual events and/or establishments because Department of Defense policy does not seem to allow it. However, Department of Defense and Army regulations did allow the Army to investigate Manning based on his declarations of being a homosexual who despised the Army for not fully embracing the homosexual agenda and not acting quickly enough to repeal DADT.”

Does this remind you of anyone? Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a ticking time bomb who killed 14 Americans[7] when he inevitably went off. With all the red flags[8] he was waving, the Fort Hood Massacre could have been avoided easily — if not for political correctness[9].

Apparently even without repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, homosexuals are already a special privileged group that must be pampered at the expense of security. Imagine what it will be like if Dems manage to ram through the repeal.

bradley manning
Homosexual Howdy Doody[10] lookalike Bradley Manning.

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