Bowe Bergdahl: Possibly Obama’s Most Potent Weapon in His War Against the US Military

by Dave Blount | July 15, 2014 11:25 am

Obama has attacked the military in part by pulling the rug out from under it financially and redirecting the money to pernicious social programs that encourage indolence, dependence, and illegal immigration, but more effectively by eroding its morale.

Toward this end, Obama has gone out of his way to homosexualize the military. He has thrown away the gains that thousands sacrificed their lives for in Iraq. He has eschewed victory as an objective in Afghanistan, reducing troops to sitting ducks with absurd rules of engagement. He has purged the officer corps of patriots, replacing them with political flunkies. He has overseen a VA that lets vets die by the dozens on secret waiting lists, even as invaders across our undefended border receive excellent healthcare promptly and for free. He has let it be known that with more “flexibility” he will betray American interests for those of our adversaries in Russia.

But perhaps most damaging of all, his regime has treated Bowe Bergdahl as an honorable soldier.

Six weeks after Obama released five top terrorists in exchange for Bergdahl, the private (who is technically a sergeant, having been promoted in absentia during his five years with the Taliban) is resuming normal duty at Fort Sam Houston. He is not restricted in any way. Furthermore,

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl could have a tax-free $350,000 dropped into his bank account if the current investigation into his disappearance from his base in Afghanistan was not desertion, and if he is deemed to have been a prisoner of war for the five years he was held by Islamic militants, Fox News has learned.

The reason Bergdahl was not classified as a POW long ago is that it is beyond dispute that he deserted. The only question is whether he was captured by the Taliban, or as appears much more likely, deliberately sought it out so as to defect to the enemy for ideological reasons that he made clear in his writings.

But what really happened is of no consequence, now that the Obama Regime has proclaimed that he “served the United States with honor and distinction.”

Crows the New York Times,

Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat who heads the Armed Services Committee, released letters from each of the Joint Chiefs of Staff supporting the repatriation of Sergeant Bergdahl, a rebuttal to critics who said the swap should not have been made.

Who is going to risk getting his legs blown off for the greater glory of Barack Hussein Obama, Carl Levin, and the obedient hacks comprising the Joint Chiefs of Staff under this disgraceful farce of a government? How can honor not become corroded when it is ignored, even as the most extreme dishonor is rewarded?

There is a reason that people like Bowe Bergdahl have been promptly executed in every functioning army that ever existed. It isn’t that he richly deserves it – although he certainly does. It is that the morale of the entire military depends on it.

If Obama has any clue what he is doing, this must explain the seemingly insane trade for the terrorists.

Bergdahl with a Taliban buddy, Commander Badruddin Haqqani.

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