BREAKING: House Just Voted FOR Veterans In HUGE Way – Trump Ready To Sign!

BREAKING: House Just Voted FOR Veterans In HUGE Way – Trump Ready To Sign!

FINALLY! After 8 years of our Veterans getting bad news after bad news… we have some good news for them! They will now be prohibited from ever being placed on a no-gun list by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Now, even if the VA considers the veteran to be suffering from mental illness, the ban still stands. They still cannot be placed on the list.

This is what went down…

The House voted 240-175 approving the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act. Now it will be going to the Senate next. There are of course some critics and they are saying that it will make it easier for veterans with mental illnesses to access firearms. They stated that this fact alone would increase risk of suicide and pose a major danger to families of the veteran.

“It’s going to result in more deaths, more suicides of veterans throughout this nation,” retired Navy Capt. Mark Kelly said Thursday on a call with reporters. “It weakens our background-check system and makes our country a less safe place.”

However, this isn’t so. The bill will do away with the practice BUT in its place it will require the court system to determine themselves whether a veteran poses a threat to themselves or others before they are added to the database.

There are many Republicans that are supporters of this ban.

“What it says [is] if you can’t balance a bank account, you can’t handle a firearm. There is no relation between the two,” said Rep. Ken Buck, R-Fla., who also spoke in favor of the bill. “So many people have been trapped by this overbroad rule.”

Look at that…something that makes a whole lot of sense.

We have already been told that if the Senate passes this bill…President Trump has already made it known that he is ready to sign the bill into law.

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