Christian Colonel Ratted Out as Thought Criminal

by Dave Blount | November 17, 2017 12:54 pm

You might expect that even a highly decorated officer could be driven out of the military for holding conventional Christian views in an Islamic or communist country — but not in America:

Col. Leland Bohannon, an experienced combat pilot, was suspended from command and orders were handed down recommending he not be promoted after he refused to publicly affirm the same-sex spouse of a retiring subordinate.

From the Christian point of view, same sex “marriage” is not only sinful but blasphemous. Progressives probably see it the same way, explaining why they have been pushing it so relentlessly.

Bohannon was about to be promoted to General, but that seems unlikely now that a subordinate of politically preferred sexual orientation ratted him out. The military has devoted itself to tolerance, diversity, & inclusion; therefore, there is no place in it for normal Americans with traditional morals.

Bohannon’s thought crime:

Last May, the colonel declined to sign a certificate of spouse appreciation for a retiring master sergeant’s same-sex spouse. Instead, he asked a higher ranking military leader to sign the customary document.

Not a bad solution to a sticky situation. It would leave everyone happy — if not for the malicious bullying that characterizes all things LGBT. The retiring sergeant seized upon this opportunity to sabotage Bohannon’s career as punishment for not explicitly sacrificing his values and religious convictions on the altar of depravity.

Finally, a little pushback: a group of Senators — including Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio — are intervening on Bohannon’s behalf.

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