Chuck Norris Is Issuing MAJOR Call To Veterans – Spread The Word!

Chuck Norris Is Issuing MAJOR Call To Veterans – Spread The Word!

I think this is a great idea. I know having pets for myself is terrific therapy. I have no doubt that a military veteran would benefit from having a canine companion. They lift you up as no one else can, are loyal to a fault and love you no matter what. Chuck Norris is now singing the praises of having a pet to help those returning from their service with depression, fatigue, anxiety and PTSD. Both the veteran and the pet benefit and form an unbreakable bond. Norris cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which claimed that having a pet can help decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and loneliness. Caring for a pet encourages people to exercise and socialize with others. This is one prescription I wholeheartedly recommend.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Outspoken conservative Chuck Norris is urging veterans suffering from the toll of serving in the military to consider a somewhat unconventional practice to help them deal with their struggles. What he’s suggesting costs very little but has huge gains.

For veterans suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD, something like a pet could provide the necessary therapy to help improve not only the life of the veteran but that of the pet as well.

Animal-assisted therapy is by no means new. Used to reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue, pet therapy is an often a positive solution for many people, and Norris wrote in his weekly column that he believed veterans could benefit greatly from this treatment.

Norris specifically mentioned the work of Dr. Tracy Stecker, a clinical psychologist. She said for many returning from war, keeping a dog in the room mimics the buddy system that military personnel are familiar with. I’ve heard that before and I’m sure it is true. Nothing heals your heart and soul like a pet. Trust me on that one. They dispel loneliness and it is the ultimate comfort to know you are not alone. A bill introduced to the House of Representatives by Rep. Ron DeSantis, R., Fla. would create a program that would help those suffering from PTSD by bringing them together with trained service dogs. Puppies Assisting Wounded Service members, or the PAWS Act, would help veterans who are not responding well to traditional treatments by giving them a lifelong friend to support them. Chuck Norris is a wise man… just say yes to a pet and it will change your life.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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