Delta Force Operator and Friend of Chris Kyle Goes Beast Mode on Michael Moore

by Cassy Fiano | January 29, 2015 2:38 pm

Dale Comstock met and became friends with Chris Kyle on the set of the television show Stars Earn Stripes. And he had some choice words for the cowardly tub of lard that is Michael Moore.

dale comstock[1]

Unless you’ve been in combat you’ve got no opinion on how combat works. What’s the premise of his argument? Does that mean that people who shoot artillery weapons, fly fighter jets and close attack helicopters are cowards because they’re not right in your face? It’s called smart warfare.

I’d rather shoot someone from afar. I don’t look at my adversary as someone I hold a personal grudge with. I look at him as the opposing team and I’m here to win. He’s a soldier and I’m a soldier. When you go into combat to fight, you expect certain things.

I’ve actually made friends with several of my adversaries. One of who, at one time, I was pointing weapons at from twenty five meters away.

Also, one of my best friends used to be in East German special forces. We were enemies at one time. Today, we’re good friends and business associates.

A sniper is far from a coward. They are skilled marksmen who use psychological warfare to scare the enemy. They make you keep your head down. They keep you paralyzed. And they will kill you because that’s their objective.

And for Michael Moore to call a sniper a coward…claiming he supports the military by hiring veterans and Special Forces guys. He says they’re his bodyguards. How hypocritical!

I don’t even know a soldier who fights the enemy in a combat role that has had anything positive to say about Moore.

What people like Michael Moore will never understand is that there are some things worth fighting and dying for, even killing for. WMDs aside, as Comstock points out, they freed people from the genocidal reign of a horrific dictator, and if someone like Saddam Hussein were ever to pop up on American soil, you can bet that it would be people like Dale Comstock and Chris Kyle that Moore and his ilk would be crying for.

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