A Favorite American Restaurant Has Just TRASHED Military Veterans – Liberals CHEERING

by Sierra Marlee | March 3, 2017 6:26 pm

Don’t you hate it when establishments you enjoy frequenting do or say something that makes it impossible to continue supporting them?

Dave and Busters, for instance, who just forced members of one of America’s most famous veteran’s group, American Legion, to remove anything representing their affiliation. Surely they have a good reason for doing so, right?

Not so much.


When the group members asked why they were being forced to remove the American Legion paraphernalia, including a POW flag, American flag and bald eagle patch, they were told it was because they signify gang affiliation.

Read that again.

Military.com[2] reported on the situation:

Victor Murdock and Adrienne Brown of the American Legion Riders Post 179 out of Grandville say they were told they couldn’t wear their vests inside the Kentwood restaurant. The vests have patches of the American flag, the Prisoner of War flag and a bald eagle.

The Texas-based company said in a statement that the group was asked to remove the jackets or turn them inside out because the business’ dress code prohibits evidence of gang affiliation. Spokeswoman April Spearman said the policy was in place “to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment.”

“Though we understand that the American Legion promotes a positive mission, for consistency reasons we cannot allow motorcycle jackets displaying patches or rockers,” she said.

Murdock said he doesn’t see how the policy would apply to American Legion affiliates.

Are we being kept from stories from roving gangs of veteran ne’er do wells? When is the last time a group of vets caused any sort of damage to an establishment?

What a silly excuse for a silly action.

Will you be boycotting Dave and Busters?

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