How Could Anyone Leave a Note Like This On The Car Of An Afghanistan War Vet? [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | April 27, 2015 10:52 am

There are some very sick, twisted people out there… one of them left a note[1] on Matt Zeller’s car. Not only did the person have no idea who they were insulting, they are just plain stupid and misinformed in the extreme. Zeller is a hero who promised not to leave those behind that helped our troops as interpreters. That would be a death sentence for them. The State Department stranded many of them after having promised visas to them – Zeller is keeping his word to save them and leave no one behind. That’s honor and valor, something this moron wouldn’t know the first thing about.

From Weasel Zippers:

Matt Zeller is an Afghan war veteran. He came back to his car today outside the Safeway, and noticed this note stuck to it.

This note would be unbelievably offensive to any Afghan war veteran. But perhaps it is even more so because of what Matt Zeller does. We’ve mentioned Zeller before[2], because he started “No One Left Behind[3]”. The purpose of the organization is to assist those who are in danger of being killed by the Taliban for having the nerve to help Americans by being interpreters. The U.S. promised them visas in exchange but have been slow in coming though on the promise.

Many of the men are in danger of death. Zeller is working to save them, because of our promise made to them. Few people who after leaving war would still be working to try to save people left behind, that’s the kind of man Matt Zeller is.

Here’s Zeller talking about his fight to save his best friend Janis Shinwari, an interpreter for their unit who help saved their lives.

You know who the real murderers are? They are Jihadists that slaughter the innocent. They are those useful tools such as this idiot who facilitate the Left in getting our warriors and innocent bystanders killed. It is tyrants such as Obama who have kill lists and go after those who disagree with them. I would dearly love to know who left the note, but they are too craven to show their face and take a stand for what they believe in, no matter how deranged it may be. It is men like Zeller who keep us safe and let us lead our lives without fear of death constantly. The monster who left the note deserves nothing less than to be airlifted to the Middle East and dropped in the middle of an ISIS camp where he can bond with his buds just before they behead him.

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