Liberals at Vox Insult The Troops on Memorial Day: Marines Have a “toxic masculinity problem”

Liberals at Vox Insult The Troops on Memorial Day: Marines Have a “toxic masculinity problem”

When you think Memorial Day, odds are you think beer, brats and honoring the memories of fallen soldiers who made your (relatively) easy life possible.

When the writers at Vox think of Memorial day, however, apparently they’re inspired to write articles trashing the military. Specifically, the “toxic masculinity” of the Marines.

Apparently, bravery comes in a lot of forms.

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Vox staff writer, Alex Ward, penned a Memorial Day piece on the left-leaning website that attacked the Marine Corps for their “toxic masculinity problem.” He also claims that they have a “well-earned reputation for being a fraternity that often marginalizes or mistreats female troops.”

Before they can help others, Ward asserts that the Marines must first “maintain order among its own ranks” by combating “toxic masculinity.”

Daily Caller News Foundation editor and Marine veteran Geoffrey Ingersoll called the idea ridiculous and stated “the most ‘toxic’ ​​thing about ‘​masculinity’ in the Corps is the kind of metal used to kill radical Islamic terrorists.”

Twitter wasn’t about to let this pass without putting their own stamp on it.

They either think they’re extremely brave for posting something critical of the military on Memorial Day, or are just absurdly tone deaf. They had to have known that this would go over like a lead balloon in a country that loves all of its troops and has dedicated an entire day to the national remembrance of those who have fallen. I’m sure they were trying to spark outrage and get clicks, but to do it on such a day is absolutely unacceptable and we need to let them know that there are just some things in America that you don’t mess with. One of those things is our military.

Something tells me this pencil-necked little dweeb wouldn’t cut it in the Marines and is upset about that.

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