Little Boy Salutes America’s Fallen Heroes In A Way No One Has Ever Done Before… [VIDEO]

Little Boy Salutes America’s Fallen Heroes In A Way No One Has Ever Done Before… [VIDEO]

This video is about two years old. I cried the first time I saw it and I cried again when I watched it now. An 11 year-old boy wanted to honor American veterans and what they sacrificed in WWII, on D-Day, on Omaha Beach. A little boy decided to teach people about three paratroopers who served and died with honor. But he wasn’t allowed into the cemetery, so he went to Omaha Beach, where he planted the American flag with his left hand and saluted with his right a vision of all those heroes who fought and died that day. He stood there for an hour and a half and only broke his salute to wipe the tears from his eyes.


From QPolitical:

This little boy was so impacted by our American Veterans, he was determined to find a way to honor them. But when I saw what this 11-year-old did, it brought me to tears. This will make your day!

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During the official D-Day celebration, the little boy wasn’t allowed to partake while in his WWII-styled uniform. So the little guy marched his American flag down to Omaha Beach and planted it in the sand.

Despite being all alone, he stared out into the ocean and fought to hold the flag steady in the wind. When the tide crept in, he held his ground and refused to retreat. He wanted to thank all of the faithful Americans who had died fighting fascism and evil.

What happens next will move you to tears. This is amazing.

What a wonderful young patriot and he truly honored those who gave their lives so others could be free. So many have fought and died for America, so she could be the freest nation on earth. While our president went to Hiroshima and called the dropping of the atomic bomb ‘evil’, I remember how that bomb saved millions of lives and ended a world war. Obama spat on the graves of all the men who gave their lives for others. That’s just evil and reprehensible. He also went to Vietnam and berated America in front of our communist enemies there. He’s a disgrace and an embarrassment and Barack Obama is not representative of what America truly is. That little boy on the beach is and we should honor and thank him for it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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