Marine Corps Commandant: U.S. Central Command And State Department Ordered Marines To Disarm During Yemen Embassy Evacuation Before Departing

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | March 19, 2015 1:53 pm

For Marines to be forced by their own command[1] to destroy their weapons and depart a hostile country unarmed, with their tails between their legs is unheard of and horrifically absurd. I can’t think of a better way to get your Marines killed en masse. Seriously? You are going to trust the enemy who is seizing the buildings and weapons to not kill everyone? So, you just destroy or hand over all your weapons. Kline is right… it’s an intolerable position.

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The adage every Marine is a rifleman has been usurped. Update to this previous story[2].

Via Marine Corps Times[3]

The commandant of the Marine Corps told lawmakers that Marines who disarmed before departing Sanaa, Yemen during an embassy evacuation last month did so on the orders of U.S. Central Command and State Department officials.

Gen. Joseph Dunford fielded hard-edged questions on the mission Tuesday morning from Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., during a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee. Kline, a retired Marine officer, is the author of a letter to the State and Defense departments demanding detailed answers about a controversial order to Marines to destroy their weapons and depart the country unarmed.[…]

Prior to that departure, officials said, larger crew-served weapons were destroyed within the embassy, and Marines’ personal sidearms were rendered unusable and discarded upon arrival at the airfield in Sanaa.

“Even though we had a [Marine expeditionary unit] on standby, somebody made a decision to destroy all the crew-served weapons and have the Marines turn over their weapons,” Kline said. “It is my opinion that is an intolerable position … to be in a very dangerous situation and depend on trusting the very people who have put us in that very dangerous situation to not do us any harm while we turn over all our weapons.”

Dunford confirmed to Kline that the Marines had departed the airfield unarmed.

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No one will explain why the Marines departed by air and why they were forced to use private aircraft. Ambassador Matthew Tueller and CENTCOM commander Army Gen. Lloyd Austin approved the plan and DC, via the State Department, was behind the call. They are very, very lucky it did not end in a bloodbath and something like this should never happen again. Kline isn’t letting this go… good for him. He shouldn’t. It is my opinion that (a) the State Department didn’t care if the Marines were killed, (b) they wanted to make the Marines look weak and as if they were fleeing and (c) they just wanted to make the Islamists happy and make them feel in control. Tell me again, if our leaders worked for the enemy, would they be doing anything differently?

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