Marine Veteran Arrested After Pipe Bombs Were Reportedly Found In Hotel Safe [VIDEO]

Marine Veteran Arrested After Pipe Bombs Were Reportedly Found In Hotel Safe [VIDEO]

There are a number of red flags on this story. Adam Nauveed Hayat is a 37 year-old former Marine. He served as a machine gunner and military policeman between June of 1999 and July of 2003, plus he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004. He left the Marine Corps with the rank of sergeant and is described as earning “a number of awards” during his service. When he returned home, he became estranged from his family. His father is a cardiologist practicing in the St. Louis area. Hayat is an American citizen of Pakistani descent. There’s your first flag. Second, notice how all the articles fail to mention whether he is a Muslim. I would bet you dollars to donuts he is one. His father’s first name: Sultan.

Hayat is also homeless and was involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement, demanding help for vets with Gulf War Syndrome and PTSD. His father says he is mentally unstable which is flag number three. All of this leads up to the fact that he has just been arrested for having guns, knives and six pipe bombs stored in an ammunition case in a safe at his hotel. He ran up a 10,000 tab at the Sheraton Hotel in Denver and then skipped on it. When police entered the room, a message was scribbled in lipstick on the mirror in his room that referenced PTSD and bombs. They tracked him down to another hotel in Los Angeles and arrested him there.


From Breitbart:

37-year-old Adam Nauveed Hayat of Denver, Colorado, is under arrest and facing federal charges after police allegedly discovered pipe bombs in the safe of his hotel room.

The details surrounding Hayat’s arrest are somewhat confusing, as many of the authorities involved cannot speak on the record yet, but the Denver Post describes him as an “American citizen of Pakistani descent” who was “found with knives after apparently flying to Los Angeles.”

According to ABC News in Denver, the police were suspicious of the incredibly large bill Hayat ran up at the Sheraton Hotel in Denver, where he was staying before he flew to Los Angeles. His father Sultan Hayat says the police told him that Adam had been staying at the hotel since December 26, and his bill was over $10,000.

His failure to settle the bill seems to be what brought him to the immediate attention of hotel staff and then law enforcement. A hotel spokeswoman made a vague reference to “suspicious activity” in the Denver Post report. None of the reports on the case available as of Friday afternoon suggest he was already a person of interest in an ongoing investigation; several note that he has no prior arrest record, although ABC News found court records indicating he was cited for violating a park curfew in 2012.

The father listed several mental disabilities his son has including ADD, Bi-polar Disorder and PTSD. It seems very convenient that every time we are at risk of a terrorist attack, the person suddenly becomes mentally ill. I guess we will see. Hayat is charged with one count of possession of firearms not registered with the National Firearms and Registration Transfer Record. The penalty on that charge is not more than 10 years in federal prison, and up to a $250,000 fine. I assume he is also being charged over the explosives.

When he was arrested in Los Angeles, Hayat had knives. He possibly flew to LA while following an ex-girlfriend. His father claims he collects knives, so I don’t know if that is relevant. It depends on what kind of knives we are talking about. Hayat made his initial appearance in US District Court for the Central District of California Friday afternoon where he was read his rights and advised of the charges pending against him. He was ordered held without bond and ordered removed to Colorado. He will eventually be transferred by the US Marshals Service for further court proceedings.

Whether he is a lone wolf or not, is yet to be determined. I find it interesting that a homeless man can afford guns, bombs and airplane tickets. He did skip out on his hotel bill, but usually they require that you qualify credit-wise before staying, so I find that odd as well. There will surely be more to come on this story.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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