Moment A Man Pulls Out Bag Of Veteran’s Ashes During Democrat Senator’s Speech

Moment A Man Pulls Out Bag Of Veteran’s Ashes During Democrat Senator’s Speech

It was quite a startling moment for Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill and media when a man left behind in protest what he claimed were the ashes of his veteran father. He was there in his father’s memory, to remind people that veterans’ care is not at the level it should be for the heroes of our nation.

Many people agree with him too.

The incident itself occurred during an appearance at Missouri State University’s Meyer Library by McCaskill, who will be going up for reelection in 2018. According to reports, McCaskill was there “to present the largely positive feedback from veterans receiving health care services in southwest Missouri.”

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During this speech, a man who identified himself as, Paul Price of Ozark, Missouri, made it very clear that he was not on board with the positive feedback. His impression of the care his veteran father received was far from positive. He was emotional and his actions in that moment were driven by those emotions.

He started by accosting McCaskill on the state of his own coverage and then moved onto veterans’ care.

“Go look on the street and see homeless veterans that need assistance,” Price told the senator.

“Maybe we’re improving, but it’s third-world country care that our veterans receive.”

It was at that moment that Price pulled out a zip-sealed plastic bag that was full of what appeared to be gray dust-like substance, straight from his waistband and held it into the air.

“You want to ask a veteran — here, ask this veteran what kind of care he got and he’ll tell you,” Price said, dropping the bag.

“Take that back to Washington,” he added.

This protest was unlike any other that the people present had ever witnessed. When the dead come back to haunt you, it cannot be ignored. Some are calling it a theatrical flair, others felt the power in his words.

As he was leaving, he told those that would listen that the bag was indeed filled with the ashes of a veteran and furthermore stated the following:

“I was entrusted with them to make a statement,” Price said before driving away.

Springfield police spokeswoman Lisa Cox says that while an investigation is ongoing and that Price’s bag of goodies is currently with the Greene County Medical Examiner’s Office, “we are not aware that a crime has been committed.”

Jack Hembree, a member of the Springfield’s Vietnam Veterans Association chapter, says while veterans’ associations in the area would check to see if they were really a veteran’s cremated remains, “the initial feeling we had at Missouri State was that they were not human ashes.”

“He’s not much a hero in my book if those were his father’s ashes,” Hembree said. “The route he took for his problem is not going to solve anything.”

It was quite a statement, though, and one that shows just how desperate some veterans and their families are getting with the VA system. Changes need to be made and quickly. If not, lawmakers like McCaskill are going to feel the repercussions.

While authorities are investigating the incident, one source says they are confident what the man left behind was “not human ashes.”

It has not yet been confirmed by authorities however whether they were human ashes or not.

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