Moonbats Call for an Anti-Memorial Day

by Dave Blount | May 26, 2015 1:18 pm

Even now liberals have not yet consolidated total control. You can tell because we still honor Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but not Deserters Day or Draft-Dodgers Day. That will change if the barking moonbats at Vox get their way:

Veteran’s Day honors all who have served the American military in wars. Memorial Day honors those who’ve perished. It’s an annual reminder that wars have grave human costs, which must be both recognized and minimized.

Those costs are not inevitable. We ought to also set aside time to remember those throughout American history who have tried hardest to reduce them, to prevent unnecessary loss of life both American and foreign: war resisters.

American history is littered with examples of pointless wars fought for bad reasons, and with people who risked their careers and their freedom to oppose them.

From the liberal point of view, a soldier who gets his limbs blown off defending his country is not a hero but a fool at best and more likely an oppressor. The heroes are smelly hippies who burn their draft cards and then scurry off to Canada until they get a pardon from Jimmy Carter, or the still lower lifeform that assists the enemy by using the media to undercut resolve.

Mopes Vox,

The US is a long ways away from accepting, say, a memorial for those who deserted the military or dodged the draft during Vietnam. Merely deciding to spare them prosecution was controversial enough — and their counterparts from Iraq and Afghanistan still face the possibility of jail time for refusing to kill. Even the more modest step of honoring those who tried to stop war through peaceful means — organized protest, tax evasion, other forms of civil disobedience —would likely be a tall order.

Progs shouldn’t fret; they’ve got momentum on their side.

If moonbats do prevail, future generations will hear only bad things about Chris Kyle, Audie Murphy, and Alvin York, if they are remembered at all. This is what a war hero will look like:


Fortunately, without nonliberals to defend them, a nation of liberals will not long survive.

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