North Korea Threatens US with Nuclear War – Main Complex Fully Operational [Video]

North Korea Threatens US with Nuclear War – Main Complex Fully Operational [Video]

North Korea will never attack us, until of course they do. The NoKos have restarted their operations at the Yongbyon nuclear plant. It’s now fully operational. We suspected as much, but now it has been confirmed. Once again, North Korea is threatening to hit the US with nuclear weapons – at any time. People laugh off the NoKos, but they definitely have nuclear weapons. They are extremely cuddly with Iran, Russia and China. This article says that they give China the cold shoulder. I disagree – they are working together. At least to an extent. Just how long do you think it will be before some unstable despot like North Korea’s Little Attila lets fly with a nuke over some perceived slight? While you worry about that… multiply that worry a million times when you think of the whacked out Mullahs of Iran and how we are nuclearizing them to get their Jihad on. The world is a very dangerous, unstable place right now.

A DigitalGlobe image of Yongbyon nuclear reactor in North Korea Photo: REUTERS

A DigitalGlobe image of Yongbyon nuclear reactor in North Korea Photo: REUTERS

From The Telegraph:

North Korea has confirmed suspicions that it has restarted operations at its Yongbyon nuclear plant and threatened to use nuclear weapons against the United States “at any time.”

The North has made a number of “innovations” in its nuclear weapons programme “by steadily improving the levels of nuclear weapons … in quality and quantity”, an official of the Atomic Energy Institute told state media.

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The official told the Korean Central News Agency that extensive upgrades had been carried out at the Yongbyon facility, including improvements to the uranium enrichment plant and the five megawatt nuclear reactor.

The official said Pyongyang is “fully ready to deal with” the US and other countries that Pyongyang claims are hostile towards North Korea “with nuclear weapons at any time”.

The Yongbyon plant had been shut in 2007 under an agreement with five countries including the United States and China in exchange for diplomatic and economic incentives, but North Korea promised that it would restart it two years ago at the height of tensions arising from the North’s anger over joint military drills by US and South Korean forces.

North Korea’s renewed belligerence comes just weeks after it reached an agreement with South Korea to defuse tensions on the border after an exchange of artillery fire brought the two sides close to a broader clash.

Analysts believe Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, lost a significant amount of face after backing down at the height of the crisis and he is attempting to once again assert his position.

“This could have been expected,” Rah Jong-yil, a former head of South Korean intelligence, told The Telegraph.

“They are using the same old trick of making a nuisance of themselves, which is the only thing they can realistically do in the present circumstances”, he said.

“The North wants to make its presence felt in the international community, so they are defying South Korea and the United States, while they continue to cold-shoulder China”, Mr Rah said, adding that Mr Kim’s actions are more a sign of petulance.

“They do not have other ways of making themselves relevant”, he said.

The resumption of operations at Yongbyon is, nevertheless, a cause for concern in other countries in the region.

The International Atomic Energy Agency warned recently that satellite images of Yongbyon indicated that North Korea had apparently restarted the nuclear reactor. The IAEA has been forced to rely on intelligence assessments of the North’s nuclear capabilities after Pyongyang ordered all its inspectors to leave the country in 2009.

Analysis carried out by 38 North, the respected web site operated by the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, said the “significant increase” in activity at the plant suggests that Pyongyang is attempting to produce new weapons-grade plutonium.

The graphite-moderated reactor is capable of producing fuel rods which, if reprocessed, could provide the regime with sufficient plutonium to manufacture one nuclear warhead a year.

It’s obvious that North Korea is producing new weapons-grade plutonium. They could make a new nuclear warhead a year. I think they are saving up for a conflict. Just my two cents. Mini-Dr. Evil in Pyongyang says they are ready to launch satellites aboard long-range rockets to mark a key national anniversary next month. A National Aerospace Development Administration director said the North has been making ‘shining achievements; in the space development field ahead of the 70th birthday of the Workers’ Party, saying scientists and technicians are pushing forward on a final development phase for a new earth observation satellite for weather forecasts. Right – no space weapons to see there… at all. Although it is more likely it is another test of their long-range missile technology. It is widely believed that North Korea is working on measures to miniaturize its nuclear weapons so they can be mounted onto rockets. Whether all of this posturing, or the little troll at the helm of North Korea is really getting ready for war is a moot point. As a rule of thumb, you don’t let insane dictators play with nukes. Ever.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un aboard a submarine Photo: Rodong Sinmun/EPA

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un aboard a submarine Photo: Rodong Sinmun/EPA

Workers inside the main nuclear reactor in Yongbyon Photo: AP

Workers inside the main nuclear reactor in Yongbyon Photo: AP

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