Rolling Thunder Motorcyclists Roll Into D.C. to Honor POW/MIA [VIDEO]

Rolling Thunder Motorcyclists Roll Into D.C. to Honor POW/MIA [VIDEO]

This Memorial Day weekend marks the 30th anniversary of Rolling Thunder, a massive parade demonstration in Washington, D.C. of motorcycles and riders who are there to “educate, facilitate and never forget … service members that were abandoned after the Vietnam War.”

Many of the riders are veterans and it is an impressive display of solidarity with Vietnam veterans, prisoners of war and those still missing in action. Vietnam veterans are among the least remembered and honored veterans in American history due to the unpopularity of the war itself. Many Americans shamefully participated in public demonstrations denigrating not only the war itself, but also those who put their lives on the line in Vietnam. In essence, Americans who never left the safety of these shores were condemning those who left the comfort of home to fight a new kind of enemy in a new kind of war. And many of those courageous souls never came back.

Regardless of whether we individually agree with being involved in a given war or conflict, there is never a time we should use that disagreement to attack those who selflessly serve our nation in uniform. Their sacrifice insures our continued freedom. They are to be honored.

We salute all those who served in Vietnam and hope that this huge demonstration will help us all remember those who gave it all so we can live freely. We owe them everything. Please enjoy the videos below, showing just some of this incredible group of cyclists. It will inspire.

Happening Now: 30th Annual Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom. #ProudAmerican

Posted by Fox News on Sunday, May 28, 2017

By way of making sure that those who served in Vietnam are remembered and honored for their bravery and sacrifice, Rolling Thunder aims to raise awareness and bring them the respect they are due. So roll on Rolling Thunder, we are thrilled to see you and you make us proud to be Americans.

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