SHARIA IN BRITAIN: Local Muslims Proclaim, “We’ve Taken the Country, Now F*CK OFF” [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 3, 2015 8:48 am

Britain has a big problem[1] – radical Islamists believe they now control the country and are telling Kuffars (infidels – non-believers in Allah) to screw off, that Britain now belongs to Allah. Groups such as Britain First are labeled as racists and bigots. But in reality, they are trying to stop Sharia Law from taking hold throughout the country and having their culture shoved back into the Dark Ages. Rochdale is one such hamlet where the fight is being carried out – it is a hotbed of Islamic ‘Grooming’ gangs – gangs that deal in white slavery and rape. All part and parcel of Sharia Law.

From Clash Daily:

This is unreal. And this is what will happen here if we continue to bow down to political correctness and appease the Religion of Perpetual Rage.

In the UK, political correctness has run amok and the whole country is falling to the Islamists without much resistance. You see it in the mosques, where terrorists are being churned out. You see it in Christian churches, which seem to have embraced Marxism and Liberation Theology and are in some kind of weird mingling with Islam. You see it in their government, where Christianity is pilloried and Islam is bowed down before and kowtowed to at all costs. Britain is succumbing to an enemy within and will fall to the Caliphate if this doesn’t stop and is not reversed soon. Europe will follow suit as they are all in for Islam as well. This is all in the name of tolerance and diversity and they will surely embrace tyranny.

  1. Britain has a big problem:

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