Special Forces Corner ISIS Terrorists in a Shootout. That’s When One Shot Blows the Jihadist Thugs Sky High. [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | February 3, 2015 8:21 am

Now that’s what I call good hunting[1], my friends. Not too graphic at all – more like must-see TV. This Kurdish Special Forces unit is organized, professional and deadly. They surrounded their target and pounded the hell out of it relentlessly. Bonus points goes to the soldier that fired the shot that blew up at least a couple of ISIS Jihadists. Good times.

Image: Screenshot (2:27).

From IJReview:

A graphic video released by Dja Terror, a Kurdish special forces group, shows its counter-terrorism forces surrounding ISIS fighters and pinning them down on a rooftop.

After multiple barrages of heavy gunfire, one shot causes an explosion on the roof that causes the terrorists to go sky high.

These ISIS terrorists may have dreamed of being like “airborne,” but that’s definitely the wrong way to go about it.

These Kurds are synchronized and utterly fearless. True warriors, each and every one of them. Kurdish ‘Counter-Terrorist Forces’/Hezi Dja Teror put the video out and they are proud of it, as they should be. It shows a flawless execution of taking down the enemy and clearing the area. The graphic display of terrorists flying through the air on their way to an inglorious ending is just icing on the cake. War footage to feel good by – more Islamic terrorists kiss the sky and then bite the dust.

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