U.S. Military Now Offering ‘Safe Space’ Training For Millennials

by Cassy Fiano | December 8, 2016 8:06 am

Obama continues to treat the military as an experiment to tinker with, rather than an organization devoted to protecting this nation that needs to be as strong and lethal as possible. The latest example is out of the United States Naval Academy, where classes are being offered to help indoctrinate midshipmen on “Transgender 101” and how to provide “safe spaces”[1].

New Dawn[2]

The academy’s Center for Teaching and Learning is holding two seminars, with one for staff and the other for midshipmen. The workshops are being hosted by Google’s “transgender trainers,” Marnie Florin and Kevin Perry, and will last for over an hour. An e-mail sent by the academy described the courses.

“On Friday, December 9, the Center for Teaching & Leaning welcomes Kevin Perry and Marnie Florin who will be presenting Transgender 101: Gender Identity in the Workplace,” the email read. “Marnie and Kevin have given this workshop at Google offices around the globe to more than 2,500 employees.”


Anyone who takes the course will be given the “opportunity” to put cards outside of their doors to show that they are “allies” of the LGBT community. They’ll also be told to stop using pronouns like “he” and “she,” and instead to use “they” or “ze,” a made-up word that Florin said she prefers. 123 midshipmen and faculty have apparently elected to go through the training.

How exactly will this make our military a stronger fighting force, able to take on enemies like ISIS? That’s the real question… and it’s one we likely won’t get an answer to, either. This isn’t about making our military the best it can be. It’s a social experiment to push the liberal agenda, no matter how much weaker our troops become in the process.

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