VIDEO: This Marine Shows You One Simple Trick That Will Save Your Life if You’re Drowning

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 2, 2015 10:40 am

This is a fantastic technique[1] to keep afloat and not drown. A Marine shows you how to use your pants as a flotation device. You take them off while swimming, then knot the legs. You put them over your head, with the pants buttoned and fly, zipped and facing down. Then you chop the water a few times and presto! They balloon up to keep you afloat. Impressive.

Marine Drowning[2]

From FlyHeight:

Marine Shows A Creative Way On How To Survive From Drowning!

There are plenty of survival shows, books and sites that tell you how to make it out there. But this is something that you may certainly need at some point in your life. It’s simple and practical. If you are drowning or in the water and exhausted, this may be the difference between life and death. Swimming is a vital survival skill all in itself. But staying afloat if you need to is equally important. This Marine makes it look very easy and it is a skill that is all but forgotten. I think this is a video you should share with everyone you know. They may thank you for it one day.

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