WATCH: Chilling Hidden Camera Footage Shows Nurse LAUGHING As WWII Veteran Dies

WATCH: Chilling Hidden Camera Footage Shows Nurse LAUGHING As WWII Veteran Dies

This is one of the most vile, evil things I have ever seen. No compassion… no empathy. A decorated World War II veteran lay dying and gasping for breath in a nursing home room. The first nurse took eight minutes to even check on the alarm he set off while crying, “Help me!” over and over again. Then she came in, elevated the bed, turned off the help light and left. She didn’t help him at all. Her supervisor gets there at least an hour later and does nothing as well. She laughed as he died on that bed. Then she lied while being interviewed. This makes sick and furious.

There was a hidden camera in the room and an NBC affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia got a hold of it after a legal fight. The station fought in court until the nursing home dropped its appeal to the state’s highest court. Attorneys for the nursing home fought to prevent WXIA-TV/11Alive from obtaining the video and it’s easy to see why. 89 year-old James Dempsey died that day in February of 2014 and now his family is suing Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation. I don’t blame them in the least. No one, especially a decorated hero, should die that way.

What kind of evil demon laughs as a man dies like that? He called for help six different times before he lost consciousness. He was found that way by the staff at 5:28 am. They did not call for emergency assistance until 6:25 am. By then it was way too late and they knew it. I can only assume they wanted the man to die. That’s called murder.

The nurse supervisor who lied about giving CPR, told the lawyer in the deposition, “Sir, that was an honest mistake.” “I was just basing everything on what I normally do.” That’s such a bald faced lie I can’t even begin to understand it. That wasn’t incompetence and it surpasses gross negligence. The self-described “Queen of Resident’s Rights,” Wanda Nuckles testified that a nurse is not supposed to stop chest compression until they receive a directive from a doctor. But she did and didn’t care in the least.

11Alive reported that when a nurse finally responded, she didn’t check any of Mr. Dempsey’s vital signs. When a nurse had difficulty getting Mr. Dempsey’s oxygen tank operational, something struck the nurses as funny and they laughed. I don’t find it funny when someone is dying. There was laughter among the nurses and the supervisor admitted there was no “sense of emergency” when the medical staff was with Mr. Dempsey by his bed. Because they figured if he wasn’t already dead, he soon would be. One less problem to worry about right?

The NBC affiliate in Atlanta reported that it took Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation, which is owned by Sava Senior Care, 10 months to fire the nurses after they were provided the hidden video. Nuckles and one of the other nurses seen in the video surrendered their licenses in September. The nursing facility is still operating in Atlanta. This should be a warning to anyone with parents or loved ones in a nursing home. You should check on them regularly and find out what the standard of care there really is. This place should be shut down. It’s a death mill.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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