Minimum Wage Workers Will Be Wishing They Didn’t Push For $15 After Seeing This Report

by Sierra Marlee | May 25, 2017 4:09 pm

Conservatives and other economic literates have been warning that those pushing for a $15/hr minimum wage will have serious consequences. Despite having centuries of evidence to back up our argument, idealistic liberals are continuing to push for a ridiculously high minimum wage.

We’re now being told that those consequences might be more far-reaching than just raising the price of your morning McMuffin. In fact, experts anticipate that 7.5 million jobs will be done by robots and computers in the next 10 years.


A study conducted by the Cornerstone Capital Group[2] indicates that somewhere between 6 and 7.5 million jobs will no longer be done by humans. Instead, we will be replaced with robots who will do the task more effectively and without whining about how much money they are or aren’t making.

One of the first jobs to be targeted will be cashiers:

“Rising wages are also helping to drive automation, as state and city governments hike their minimum wages.”

“Cashiers are considered one of the most easily automatable jobs in the economy.”

There are some jobs, however, that aren’t as easily completed by robots and are therefore safe for the time being:

“You’re not going to see a robot stocking shelves, at least in the near term. But technology would reduce the need for as many people to do so. More efficiency means fewer things for people to do.”

Basically, the “Fight for $15” crowd has been the largest reason for the increase in automation. Businesses want to keep their profits up while keeping their expenses as low as possible. They know it will be bad for business to have to raise their prices to afford increased wages and because of this, more companies are looking into computers as an alternative to human labor. I can’t say I blame them, either. I don’t want to listen to whiny liberals complain about how they can’t afford their organic kale chips on the current minimum wage.

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