Now Liberals Want to Ban the Robots They Made Necessary

Now Liberals Want to Ban the Robots They Made Necessary

Government coercion invariably causes problems. Fortunately for moonbats, these problems can always be solved by more government coercion. For example, the insane campaign to saw off the bottom rungs of the economic ladder by jacking up minimum wage has inevitably resulted in wealth-producers resorting to robotics to replace the workers they can no longer afford to employ. The solution is obvious; ban robotics:

Order a delivery meal from a local restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission and Potrero Hills neighbourhoods using Yelp Eat24 and it might arrive at your door in a suitcase-sized wheeled robot.

The tech company Marble’s bots use lidar, camera and ultrasonic sensors to avoid pedestrians and navigate pavements, delivering small packages and takeaway food within a mile or two, at walking pace.

But if one San Francisco official has his way, every pizza the Marble robot delivers could come with a $1,000 fine and a jail sentence for its human controllers.

San Francisco supervisor Norman Yee recently proposed legislation that would prohibit autonomous delivery robots – which includes those with a remote human operator – on public streets in the city. He told technology news site Recode, “our streets and our sidewalks are made for people, not robots.” He also worries that many delivery jobs would disappear.

Those jobs are disappearing because of government moonbats like Norman Yee pandering to mobs of morons with their minimum wage lunacy.

If businesses could afford to pay people $13/hour (and rising every year) to make deliveries, they would not spend $thousands on the robots. Forbidding the robots will not bring the jobs back; it will drive the businesses into bankruptcy.

No worries; Yee can just propose legislation forbidding businesses from going out of business.

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