Jackson to be Kicked off Twenty Dollar Bill and Replaced By A Woman

by Frank Lea | April 17, 2016 4:27 pm

The United States Treasury plans to leave Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill and remove Andrew Jackson from the 20 dollar bill[1], replacing Jackson with an unknown woman by the year 2030.

jackson 20[2]

From The Federalist Papers Project:

In an interview with CNN Host Fareed Zakaria, [Jack] Lew explains that it has been a hundred years since a woman has been represented on US currency, excluding the symbolic Lady Liberty, the Susan B. Anthony coin, and the Sacagawea Dollar.

Maybe Jackson gets spared and there can be an update to the back of the 20. Or maybe Jackson can move over and have someone next to him. But should he really be REPLACED or REMOVED? What do you think? Post comments and share your opinion.

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