Man Saves & Adopts Dog Gutlessly Abandoned During Flood

by Frank Lea | October 11, 2015 4:06 pm

Dog may be a man’s best friend, but sometimes man saves the pup, as was the case in South Carolina with Alex Scroggins and his rescued flood dog[1].

dog rescued during flood[2]Earlier this week, Alex Scroggins was helping his family save as many of their belongings as possible from their flooded Conway, South Carolina home when he noticed a dog barking and whining on his neighbor’s porch.  After realizing that no one was coming for him, he saved the dog, and now has made him a member of his family

Great to see this pup get a new home. That dog will be your best friend forever. I’m a big animal lover, so reading this was refreshing and restores positive energy in between news clips about Planned Parenthood and politicians from the other side who seem to be on their own variant of the special spectrum.

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