Charles Blow Has Utter Meltdown For Memorial Day

by William Teach | May 29, 2017 6:55 am


One has to wonder if it is psychologically safe for liberals to live in this heightened sense of perpetual outrage all day every day. To see things as not just bad, but apocalyptic. To be utterly and completely negative day after day after day, and to be doing this at an even higher level than during the George W. Bush years. Witness the New York Times’ Charles Blow, in full meltdown

Donald Trump: The Gateway Degenerate[2]

Last week, when voters in Montana elected Greg Gianforte to fill the state’s lone seat in the House of Representatives, even after he was recorded in a physical altercation with a reporter, many Americans — like me — were left to look on in astonished bewilderment.

Realistically, most do not care except unhinged liberals. But, Blow goes on and on and on about this before getting to his real point

Outrageous. Assault is not a game. It’s not a joke. It’s criminal. Any moral person would know better than to treat it so cavalierly. A moral person wouldn’t make a joke; that person would take a stand.

Funny, liberals were rather cool with brushing off all the violence from liberals during the time of Obama, and especially in the past few years when Democrats were in the streets rioting, assaulting, destroying, committing arson, shooting police officers, throwing things at police officers.

But Republicans in the age of Trump have sadly moved away from morality as a viable concept.

Yes, Gianforte’s assault is a glaring display of toxic masculinity in an environment made particularly toxic by the man in the White House and his media bullying. But more telling and more ominous is the degree to which Republicans no longer seem to care, and their increasing ability to compartmentalize and justify.

This is all an outgrowth of Trump’s degradation of common decency. Trump was the gateway candidate. When Republicans allowed themselves to accept and support him in spite of his glaring flaws and his life lived in opposition to the values they once professed and insisted upon, they moved themselves into another moral realm in which literally nothing was beyond the pale.

Interesting. Democratic Party insiders conspired to blow out the candidacy of Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton, who not only stood by her man in the face of numerous and credible sexual assault accusations, but worked to destroy the women accusing Bill, and can even be said to have enable the behavior of Bill. The stood by her despite the criminal and ethically challenged behavior from her when it came to her email server and the Clinton Foundation, among others. I don’t recall Blow complaining about Obama siccing the IRS on political opponents, either. Nor about Obama using the power of the US intelligence agencies to spy on citizens, including reporters.

Republicans sold their souls to this devil and now are forced to defend as right what they know full well is wrong. They must defend his incessant lying, clear incompetence and dubious dealings. What was once sacrilege among Republicans is now sacrosanct.

It is in that context that Gianforte could be charged with assault and Republicans would pat him on the back instead of rapping him on the knuckles.

Republicans, blinded by fear and rage, thirsty for power, desperate for a reclamation and reassertion of racial power, have cast their lot with the great deceiver and all their previous deal-breakers are now negotiable.

Uh huh

There’s plenty of other Democrats we can mention who are ethically challenged.

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