Liberals Continue Their Spree Of Vandalism In Boone, NC

Liberals Continue Their Spree Of Vandalism In Boone, NC


The Smartest People In The Room just can’t move on to bargaining, much less acceptance. Anger will be the norm for at least the next four years

(Watauga Democrat) Graffiti — including profane statements about President Donald Trump and the words “Black Lives Matter” — was tagged on multiple buildings and a police vehicle in downtown Boone sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

“As chief of police, I assure the citizens of Boone that this case will be a priority for us,” said Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford in a statement. “It is deeply disturbing that some people believe that they have the right to damage other people’s property and businesses to express their views in an unlawful way. While people have the right to disagree with any elected official, damaging innocent people’s property is not consistent with Boone values.”

Earth Fare, the Dan’l Boone Inn along with Appalachian State’s Anne Belk Hall, Peacock Hall and Legends were hit by the graffiti, with all statements being clearly visible. ASU removed all graffiti on their buildings as did Dan’l Boone Inn, while Earth Fare had the vandalism painted over by Saturday afternoon.

Welcome to the long era of liberal tantrums. And guess who gets to pay for the cleaning? The taxpayers and private businesses.

Who could have done this? Perhaps not who you think.

Well, not sure it was a hate crime to start with, but, those too surely white liberals, who bought the paint and then took off in a Prius, are being sought by the police. You can see more pictures of them and the damage here. Some of the graffiti is supposedly so bad that no one wants to publish it.

Nor is this the first time Boone was hit with anti-Trump graffiti. Some surely white liberals did the same on 12.27. Conservatives didn’t do this. We don’t have the time nor inclination. Besides: we won.

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