Moonbat Sexually Harasses Robots

by Dave Blount | December 11, 2017 1:45 pm

An enraged moonbat at Quartz at Work fumes that robots are not being programmed to “fight the patriarchy”:

I ran an experiment in which I sexually harassed Apple’s Siri[1], Amazon’s Alexa[2], Microsoft’s Cortana[3], and Google’s Google Home[4] to document how these digital personal servants—whose names and voices are already feminized—peddle stereotypes of female subservience, putting their “progressive”[5] parent companies in a moral predicament.

Evidently not even Google is sufficiently extreme in its leftism, thus the sneer quotes around “progressive.”

Now, those findings are being cited in a petition on the social network Care2[6] asking Apple and Amazon to “reprogram their bots to push back against sexual harassment.”

The petition demands Apple and Amazon reprogram their artificial intelligence so as to help engineer an “equitable world.”

In reporting my February feature for Quartz, “We tested bots like Siri and Alexa to see who would stand up to sexual harassment[7],” I hurled all manner of sexually suggestive, sexually explicit, and sexually abusive comments to digital assistants, ranging from “you’re pretty” to “you’re a bitch” to “suck my d***.”

Responses like Alexa’s “I’m not going to respond to that” and Cortana’s “Well, that’s not going to get us anywhere” evidently do not sufficiently push back against patriarchy. This is blamed on the “notorious sexism of Silicon Valley.” (Fired Google engineer James Damore can tell you how much tolerance there is for deviation from feminist ideology in the tech industry.)

Gasps the author:

I had to repeat “you’re sexy” eight times in a row before Siri told me to “stop.”

Clearly, something must be done.

On a tip from Scott C. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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