Nancy Pelosi Asked, ‘Who Is the Leader of the Democratic Party?’ Her Answer? HILARIOUS! [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi Asked, ‘Who Is the Leader of the Democratic Party?’ Her Answer? HILARIOUS! [VIDEO]

Pelosi is either an outright moron or more likely, senile. Anderson Cooper asked her a simple question: “Who is the leader of the Democratic Party?” She stuttered and couldn’t give a coherent answer. First she said it could be Barack Obama… then Hillary Clinton. Here are acceptable answers… she could have named Tom Perez, who was just elected the head of the DNC, but she didn’t do that. She could have said Chuck-you Schumer, who is Senate minority leader. Nope, she didn’t do that. Or she could have said herself, as she is the House minority leader. She didn’t do that either. Instead she floundered. Pathetic.

Cooper is also correct in pointing out to Pelosi that the Democrats have undergone tremendous losses under Barack Obama. They are very wounded right now and have no depth to their bench. The politicians they do have are all aging or are Marxists and/or Islamists. Sanity is rare within the donkey party these days. They really should find another face to represent them… one that hasn’t been stretched to hell and a person that hasn’t had botox go straight to their brain.

From The Daily Caller:

Anderson Cooper asked Nancy Pelosi a simple question Tuesday evening which plunged the House Minority Leader into full-on spin mode.

“Who is the leader of the Democratic Party?”

“Well, President Obama was the president of the United States until just a matter of weeks ago. I don’t think that he can be dismissed as the leader of the Democratic Party,” the California Democrat answered. “Hillary Clinton did not win the election, but a respected leader.”

“We have leaders for all different aspects of it. The Democratic Party is a congressional party, and we have members in Congress. It is a gubernatorial party.”

“But on the state level,” Cooper interrupted. “It is a party which has suffered tremendous losses in the last couple of years under President Obama.”

“It has,” Pelosi conceded, “but we have a plan to address that.”

Look at how condescending this sea hag is to Anderson Cooper. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s a hell of a journalist and from what I hear, a decent guy. She’s got that fake smile plastered on her face like it was tattooed there. It makes me queasy. The way she jerks around when talking and stumbles, she appears to seriously be suffering from age-related matters.

She starts explaining the painfully obvious to cover up the fact that she literally has no idea on how to answer Anderson’s question. Typical. If you can’t blind them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh*t. She basically winds up saying that because the Dems aren’t in control, there is no real leader for them. So weak… way to let everyone know you are victims of your own political losses. She says the Dems have a plan. Really? Because I’m not buying it. You guys look unhinged, unorganized and unelectable. She’s looking at 2018 – if Trump screws up, it’s going to be bad. For which side or both, who knows? But Pelosi speaks almost as if she’s drunk towards the end of this. Way, way, way past time for her to exit stage left.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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