Nancy Pelosi Asks Followers What They Love About Obamacare – Regrets It IMMEDIATELY!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | March 14, 2017 4:00 pm

Poor Nancy Pelosi…[1] I wonder if she really believed this would turn out well. Pelosi tweeted a question out to her followers late Monday, asking them what they loved about Obamacare. It didn’t quite turn out the way she had envisioned. Not at all. I guess she thought she would have an outpouring of support after President Trump and the Republicans released their new healthcare plan that is meant to repeal and replace Obamacare. Dems have been prepping for this fight and feel it is a good weapon against the Republicans for the 2018 elections. Maybe not.

Never one to miss a chance at sticking her foot in her mouth, Pelosi asked people to share their experiences with Obamacare. And boy, did she get an answer or three. Not the ones she was surely looking for, but nevertheless, answers. In place of success stories, she got tales of horror and anger. It’s exactly what she deserves, but I’m sure she was shocked.

Nancy Pelosi[2]

From The Washington Free Beacon[3]:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) tweeted out a question late on Monday about people’s experiences with Obamacare but did not get the response she was looking for.

Last week[4] Republicans released their new health care plan intended to replaced the Affordable Care Act. Democrats have been gearing up to fight back against the new plan and plan to make health care a 2018 mid-term election issue.

Pelosi tweeted out a link to the White House website, asking her followers to share their experience with the Affordable Care Act.

Pelosi wanted feedback on why Democrats must protect Obamacare, but she did not get the answers she was looking for.

Americans didn’t waste this chance to tell Nancy Pelosi just how unaffordable the Affordable Care Act is. They are ticked. I know people who had their premiums go up over 100 percent this year. Your insurance costs as much as your mortgage and more than your car payment. Then there are the incredibly prohibitive deductibles. People also had to find a way to pay for this crappy insurance and then not be able to use it when needed. In a word, it sucks.

Obamacare is killing the middle class and I don’t have much hope that the current incarnation of RINOcare is much better. It needs to be fully repealed and then let the free market take over. This is the kind of bureaucratic federal program that actually kills people after devastating them financially. That doesn’t count the many, many people who lost their health insurance plans altogether or their trusted doctors. Don’t even get me started on that mythical $2500 savings a year that Obama promised. Note to Pelosi… you asked for it and you got your answer.




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