Nancy Pelosi Braces for the Possible END of Her Career [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi Braces for the Possible END of Her Career [VIDEO]

Tomorrow, the Democrats hold a secret ballot to vote for their new leader in the House. Nancy Pelosi is a heavy favorite over her challenger Tim Ryan. However, remember this… Hillary Clinton was a heavy favorite as well and look what happened to her. It could be the Democrats are looking for new leadership after having Pelosi in that seat for 14 years. She could be facing the end of her career. With Fidel Castro’s death this last week and if she is deposed, I would have two things to do a Snoopy dance over. My fingers are crossed.

Pelosi is an entrenched corruptocrat who is doing nothing for her party these days. The Democrats have become restless and frustrated under her leadership. With a new Republican President and Republicans controlling both the House and the Senate, the desperation and fear on the Left is almost palpable. They never dreamed that Trump would be elected. He was and then they prayed that the Republicans would fall apart or have a revolt. They didn’t. So, what’s a Marxist radical to do? Maybe clean House literally.


From The Hill:

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House Democrats return to Washington on Tuesday grappling over the best course for the party’s future.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), facing a challenge from Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), is seen as the heavy favorite in elections on Wednesday to keep her top leadership spot, where she’s been perched for the past 14 years.

Democrats will decide on their new leader in a secret ballot vote that highlights the caucus’s restlessness and resurrects internal tensions that have simmered since Democrats lost control of the lower chamber in 2010.

While House Democrats gained at least six seats this cycle — several contests remain too close to call — that figure was a far cry from the 25 pickups Pelosi had predicted. Seeking more accountability for the dismal results, dozens of restive lawmakers successfully delayed the party’s leadership elections to this week to allow more time for reckoning. But in the eyes of Ryan and his supporters, nothing short of a change at the top will get the party back on a winning track.

“The level of frustration in our caucus is as great as I have seen it,” Ryan said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Pelosi predicted that the House would pick up 25 seats for the Democrats. They only got six. Plus we know how her prediction on Clinton went. Pelosi’s challenger Ryan says that she sends the wrong message: “We have got to have the right messenger,” he said. “We have got to have someone who cannot just go on MSNBC, but go on Fox and Fox Business and CNBC and go into union halls and fish fries and churches all over the country and start a brush fire about what a new Democratic Party looks like.” And boy, do they need a new party.

Pelosi and her top deputies are all in their 70’s. They are actively blocking new blood from rising up in the party and it is resented. In an attempt to head off dissent, Pelosi last week proposed to carve out several new leadership posts and make some of them eligible only to newer members. The changes are designed to empower the next generation of Democratic leaders, but there’s been some early pushback, as members of the Congressional Black Caucus are warning they would erode the power of African-American lawmakers. Ryan, for his part, said the proposals “will only serve to further consolidate her power over the caucus.”

Ryan also wants to make the chairmanship of the Democrats’ campaign arm an elected position, rather than an appointed post. Pelosi is over-confident. She claims to have 2/3 of the caucus in the bag. Ryan says not so fast and that he will shock the party. With a secret ballot in play, he may just do that. Dems will be able to vote without fear of reprisal and Pelosi may be looking at being booted out on her butt. Good riddance.



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