NANCY PELOSI: ‘The Dalai Lama Prayed For Me To Get RID Of My Negative Attitude’ [VIDEO]

NANCY PELOSI: ‘The Dalai Lama Prayed For Me To Get RID Of My Negative Attitude’ [VIDEO]

After I got done laughing over this, I was just stunned by the sheer hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi. She is a Catholic in name only and does not practice what her faith preaches. Instead, she is for the butchering of the unborn, has no problem with lying and her ethics are more than a ‘little’ fluid. She met with the Dalai Lama in India and railed against China in defense of the Tibetans. A noble cause if she meant it in the slightest, which she doesn’t. Pelosi is deeply in bed with the Chinese here in the US.

She says that she would not criticize the Chinese because the Dalai Lama has prayed with her to rid herself of her negative attitude. Uh yeah… not going to happen. She is a walking, talking, breathing rotten attitude and there is nothing moral or soul-worthy to save in the woman. This is more political grandstanding to make Pelosi look like she cares about something other than herself and her Marxist agenda, when everyone knows that’s not true.

From TheBlaze:

Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi met with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama at his temple in Dharmsala, India, on Wednesday along with other U.S. representatives and told a gathered crowd they will “not be silenced” in the face of Chinese oppression,  The Associated Press reported.

At times, Pelosi stumbled over her words: “What we see here today in support of the Tibetan people, we have said, what we say here, we have said to the top leadership in … the Chinese government.”

She mentioned actor Richard Gere, a Buddhist who supports the Dalai Lama and “speaks out for the Tibetan people.”

The most curious part of her speech came when Pelosi said she wouldn’t delve into the “brutal tactics of the Chinese government,” which rules Tibet.

Her reason?

“His Holiness prayed for me that I would rid myself of my negative attitude about dwelling on the negative too much,” Pelosi confessed to the crowd.

The California politician has called herself “a devout, practicing Catholic,” yet her staunch pro-choice position on abortion stands in opposition to the church.

It remains to be seen if the Dalai Lama’s supplication on Pelosi’s behalf has indeed done the trick.

Not even the Dalai Lama could heal Pelosi’s black soul. I’m surprised he didn’t have to undergo a purification after touching this beast. After she claimed she would not criticize China because it was negative, she of course went on to be negative about politics. That’s who she is. No shocker there. I’m shocked that the Dalai Lama even bothered.

As well-intentioned as the Dalai Lama surely was, I doubt his prayers will be answered in this case. It’s interesting that the Democrats got a vacation to India to visit him. That is far more likely the reasoning behind this than any noble one to defend Tibet. You see, I actually believe Richard Gere, a Buddhist, when he supports the Tibetan people. Pelosi, not at all. She’s self-serving and disingenuous. The Democrats will not be silenced by the Chinese in the face of oppression against the Tibetans for one simple reason… they never really spoke for them in the first place.

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