Nancy Pelosi’s Nightmare Come To Life – California Dems Want Her Replaced

Nancy Pelosi’s Nightmare Come To Life – California Dems Want Her Replaced

Do you hear that Nancy? Listen closely. That’s the fat lady and she’s belting out one hell of a tune for you.

A poll conducted at arguably the most liberal college in the country, UC Berkeley, shows that even progressive liberals are ready for a change of pace. That begins with replacing Nancy Pelosi.

At Berkeley’s Institute for Governmental Studies, 1,200 Democrats were asked if they wanted Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House if the Democrats were able to win the House back in the 2018 midterms. (We’re going to put the fantasy on hold for a minute and entertain this.)

According to the results, 44% of the people polled said that they would want someone other than Pelosi in that position. 30% of them said that they wouldn’t mind Pelosi staying in that position and 26% said they had no opinion. (Shocker.)

If Democrats remain the minority party in the House, she’s even less popular, with 50% saying she should be replaced as House Minority Leader. 31% said she can remain and 19% said they had no opinion.

Nancy, I’m going to put this as kindly as I can: civil servantship is not a retirement plan and Congress is not a retirement home. You’ve been there long enough. It’s only “fair” that someone else get a turn, right? You’re all about things being “fair” and “equal,” so it’s time for you to step aside and give someone else a shot at making the absurd amount of money you’ve accrued through being a career politician.

Not to mention you’ve made life significantly harder for the American people by voting for and championing legislation that takes away our freedoms (and our medical insurance) and restricts us further.

It’s time for you to go home. Take your retirement package and get yourself a beach home on some remote island somewhere and get your tan on. Enjoy bottomless margaritas, shirtless cabana boys, (okay maybe that’s MY ideal retirement) and stop worrying about what you can sucker the American taxpayers into paying for next. Your destruction here is done. Now, go get right with the Lord before he calls you before him to answer for your life’s work. Something tells me “well forcing other people to pay for birth control and abortions” isn’t going to crack it.

And to the citizens of California, could you please – for the love of all that is fluffy – elect someone who isn’t a total whackjob this time?

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