Pelosi Suddenly Pulls Out Her Phone During Press Conference-Teaches Fake History [VIDEO]

Pelosi Suddenly Pulls Out Her Phone During Press Conference-Teaches Fake History [VIDEO]

Just SMH. This is vintage Pelosi. Nancy thought she would share her wealth of knowledge on American history with her leftist colleagues. Alas, it ended up as yet another embarrassment. First off, she beclowned herself by reading an article from her phone while speaking from a lectern. Who does that? Then she proceeded to share a historical hoax that was popular on the Internet over the Fourth of July.

The article was full of exaggerations, lies and misharacterizations. Five minutes of research and she would have seen it was a mixture of truth and lies and not worth using. She relayed the supposed ‘facts’ while they were discussing the “Democrats for Democracy Reform Legislative Package” and the #wethepeople campaign. This is a woman that knows literally nothing about the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, so she fell for a fake story on it. It’s bad enough that the Dems are pulling together a task force that purports to force the government into working for everyone, but it becomes a monstrous joke when someone like Pelosi quotes fake history to drive her point home. Typical clueless socialist.

The article is entitled, “The Price They Paid.” Doesn’t Pelosi have anyone that vets stuff like this before she makes a fool of herself? Many of the facts in the piece are inaccurate. Pelosi commenced the reading after her Democratic colleagues discussed how the establishment of the U.S. system of government was breaking from monarchical rule, under which rulers often acted in their own self-interest and not for the people. That sounds so familiar to me… kind of like what is happening today. I guess what is old is new after all.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was attempting to give a history lesson on the 56 men who signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence on Tuesday, but ended up reading a piece that had previously been proven to contain several inaccuracies.

Pelosi read the article during an event held by Democratic lawmakers to discuss the “Democrats for Democracy Reform Legislative Package” and #wethepeople campaign. The legislative package and campaign is a so-called “task force” aimed at “[reforming] government to ensure it works for all Americans.”

The discredited piece, titled “The Price They Paid,” was a popular essay circulating around the internet on Independence Day. The article outlines the fates of those who signed the Declaration of Independence, but according to the fact checkers at Snopes, “many of its details are inaccurate.”

“It’s July. We came back from the Fourth of July celebration and I saw this article,” Pelosi said. Facepalm. She tried to sound so knowledgeable as she read of the fates of these brave men. And no one corrected her. She made it even worse by solemnly calling on those in attendance to “ponder the sacrifices so many people made at the start of our country. Understand what our responsibility is to protect what so many people sacrificed so much to achieve for our country.” Spare us… like that has ever mattered to this moonbat. And besides, she’s lying.

Now, it’s not only fake news, but fake history. Everything is suspect these days. I tend to stay away from Snopes, but this one they nailed. This is what happens when you don’t do your homework and try to use stuff like this as propaganda. You get burned. And it is patently obscene for a Marxist to try and use the Founding Fathers as props for pushing socialism. Pelosi doesn’t want to teach the truth about our founding… she wants to use our history and Constitution as a weapon to push Americans into supporting a leftist agenda.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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