Pelosi Vows $15/hr. Minimum Wage Within 100 Hours of Dems Declaring Victory [VIDEO]

by Sierra Marlee | May 28, 2017 6:59 pm

Democrats are the party of delusion and if you needed evidence of that, look no further than Nancy Pelosi’s impossible promise of a $15/hr. minimum wage. That’s not even the craziest part, though.

She promised the action within 100 hours of Democrats winning the house in 2018.

Yeah, if I were her I wouldn’t bet my retirement on that.


In a desperate attempt to bribe uneducated and economically illiterate voters, Pelosi decided to make the bold move of telling them that within 100 hours of their hypothetical takeover of the House of Representatives – of which she is currently House Minority Leader – there will be a $15/hr. minimum wage.

Watch the video below:

Of course, Trump will still be President and he will most certainly not allow it to pass should it make it past the Senate. It will be nothing more than a PR move for the Democrats, who will spend the rest of the time preaching that Republicans hate the average Joe and don’t want you to make enough money to live on. They are famous for making that move and we simply cannot allow them to control the narrative any longer.

You cannot force companies to raise their wages and expect everything to be okay. The first action you’ll see immediately afterward will be layoffs. The second will be increased automation of jobs such as cashiers, the people who are currently making minimum wage at their jobs. You’re not going to be increasing the standard of living for people, you’re going to send them to the unemployment line.

I don’t expect someone who gets paid to sit around and whine about the President to understand what it is to work day in and day out for minimum wage, but economically speaking you cannot ask the market to simply absorb that kind of raise. It’s just not gonna happen. You’re telling people to vote themselves out of a job.

Now, who is the one who doesn’t care about the average Joe?

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