Twitter FLIPS OUT On Nancy Pelosi After Paul Ryan Addresses ‘Old Fashion’ Dress Code…

Twitter FLIPS OUT On Nancy Pelosi After Paul Ryan Addresses ‘Old Fashion’ Dress Code…

Much in the same way that it was Republicans who freed the slaves, it would seem they are freeing women to bare arms. That’s not a misspelling… evidently Democrat women threw a hissy in the House, claiming that Paul Ryan was oppressing them and keeping them from wearing sleeveless dresses and open-toed shoes. The media of course ran with the lie. There is a dress code in the Speaker’s lobby that has been in place for over a century requiring men and women both to dress formally. Paul Ryan actually put forth that the dress code should be updated. Not that the media reported that.

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011 and she never did away with or modified the dress code. She’s far more culpable here, but any excuse will do to be offended and wag an accusatory finger at the Republican these days. Just bitingly stupid. “Any of them ask why @NancyPelosi refused to allow them to do this while she was Speaker?” Daily Caller editor Derek Hunter asked. Good point. So, by liberal logic Pelosi is for the oppression and subjugation of women. Oh, and RACIST!

From TheBlaze:

In recent weeks, many in the liberal media falsely accused House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) of sexism for supposedly implementing an old-fashioned dress code for women who visit the Speaker’s lobby. However, as The Blaze previously reported, the dress code, which also requires men to wear formal clothing, has been in effect for more than a century.

On Thursday, Ryan acknowledged “there was an issue about [the] dress code” and although it makes sense for women to wear formal clothing, there’s no reason they should be prevented from wearing sleeveless dresses or open-toed shoes, both of which were forbidden under the longstanding rules.

“We will be working with the sergeant-at-arms to ensure the enforcement of appropriate attire is updated,” Ryan said.

On Friday, House Democratic Party women wore sleeveless clothing to push for their “right to ‘bare’ arms,” with many liberals again erroneously stating or suggesting Republicans were somehow to blame for the policy and ignoring Ryan’s pledge to change the dress code.

“Paul Ryan lifts the yolk of Nancy Pelosi’s oppression! Also, voters are electing children,” wrote Grant Bosse, an editor for the New Hampshire Union Leader. Again spot on. These people are all acting like five year-old’s and that’s an insult to little kids. “Nancy was a misogynist and wouldn’t let women wear armless outfits. Ryan is enlightened. Another reason for women to vote Republican,” one Twitter user wrote. Heh… why, yes it is. The House dress code has not yet been officially announced… wonder if it will actually change. Wonder if I care. Nope.

On Friday, a number of dim witted Democratic women all united and wore sleeveless dresses. They tweeted in support of “Sleeveless Friday.” Wow, it’s like they have nothing better to do, like work for instance. “Thank you to all my colleagues who joined me for #SleevelessFriday — because women have the right to bare arms!” tweeted Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) Maybe we should let these hags bare their arms, if they let us bear ours. Just sayin’.

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