Nikki Haley Issues Terrifying Warning About North Korea [VIDEO]

Nikki Haley Issues Terrifying Warning About North Korea [VIDEO]

Nikki Haley has been doing a fantastic job at the UN and she gives no ground on North Korea whatsoever. She was interviewed on the Today show and was bluntly ask if a preemptive strike was possible and was being considered. She bluntly stated that we would not attack North Korea unless they attacked a military base or fired off an ICBM. Or something akin to that. And I believe that is correct.

Where I don’t agree with Nikki Haley is that China is doing much of anything to stop North Korea. They are trying to show strength at home by detaining another U.S. citizen, as overall Chinese pressure on the regime is “working,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said this morning on TV. But is that so-called ‘pressure’ really just for show? China is actually claiming their trade with North Korea has ‘increased‘. So, I wouldn’t count on China much for this.

From The Political Insider:

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President Donald J. Trump and his administration are not taking the North Korean nuclear threat lightly. Unlike past administrations, this White House is confronting the rogue regime head on, working with neighboring countries – including China – to try and stop North Korea’s continued threats and aggression.

In recent weeks, President Trump has met with China’s president to discuss the North Korea problem, and the two nations have pledged to work together to prevent war. A new report even suggests China is willing to bomb North Korea’s missile test sites if the nation crosses China’s “bottom line.”

Now, the Trump administration is going a step further to show resolve in eliminating the North Korean problem, this time suggesting that another North Korean missile test could prompt the U.S. to use military action.

If we are to stop North Korea, we will most likely have to go it alone. I am heartened that Nikki Haley says we will take real action if the NoKos do make a move. We are now in a position where we must act. We are out of options. Right now, the Hermit Kingdom is threatening to sink our aircraft carrier and they have taken another American hostage. They aren’t backing down and soon we are going to have to decide whether we mean business or not with North Korea. War is terrifying, but it doesn’t care whether we fear it or not… war comes of its on volition and all you can do is fight back and win.

We have always known the day for dancing with the North Koreans was coming. We cannot afford to delude ourselves into thinking the Chinese will make them stand down. China only does what benefits them and North Korea is a proxy for them. Whatever we do, when we do it, it needs to be decisive and a hit that takes them down right out of the gate, or there will be slaughter and war. That may happen anyway, but it will definitely ensue if we only tickle the NoKos instead of smacking them down.

UPDATE: Just heard the Chinese have embargoed oil and gas to the NoKos. Gas prices went up by 85% this weekend in North Korea and most gas stations are now shut down. China also closed all of their ATMs in the Hermit Kingdom. Prelude to war? President Trump called China and Japan last night and immediately after the call, China issued a statement saying they do not support military action against North Korea. Things look like they are about to get real and fast.

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