BREAKING: Japan Sounds The ALARM – ‘N. Korea Might STRIKE With SARIN GAS!’

BREAKING: Japan Sounds The ALARM – ‘N. Korea Might STRIKE With SARIN GAS!’

Japan is in a far more precarious position with North Korea than we are… not as bad as South Korea, but pretty darn. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned his security council and his country yesterday that North Korea has another weapon of terror they need to contend with… missiles armed with Sarin gas. It would have a limited means of killing people as it disperses so quickly, but as a weapon of terror and for killing people in a limited strike zone, it is terrifying.

North Korea doesn’t need really long range missiles to hit Japan. It’s one of the reasons the Japanese want to go nuclear. Sarin on warheads is just one form of attack the Japanese fear. A nuclear attack is their biggest fear. Abe didn’t supply specific evidence to back up his claim, but if he’s telling parliament this and broadcasting it to the Japanese, you can bet they have a good reason for fearing it. The Pentagon and South Korea have also warned on this particular threat.

From the Independent Journal Review:

Amid heightened tensions with North Korea and concerns over their planned nuclear test, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is warning that the country may have access to another terrifying weapon.

As CNN notes, the Japanese leader warned his parliament Thursday that North Korea may have missiles capable of delivering sarin gas to ground targets, the same chemical weapon reportedly used in the recent attack on Syrian civilians.

Abe told his national security panel on Thursday:

“The security situation around our country is getting increasingly severe …

There is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to put sarin on warheads to strike the ground.”

While Abe didn’t provide specific evidence to back the claim, similar warnings have been issued by both South Korea and the Pentagon — the latter told Congress in 2015 that it was likely even then that North Korea “possesses a CW stockpile,” and has “the capability to produce nerve, blister, blood, and choking agents.”

There is no doubt that North Korea has a substantive stockpile of chemical weapons that produce nerve, blister, blood and choking agents. Remember how those people and children died horrible deaths in Syria? That’s what the NoKos have on the menu for South Korea and Japan. According to U.S. officials, there is no “certainty” about North Korea’s chemical weapons capabilities, as the country remains a notoriously “difficult intelligence target.” That statement is bull crap. We have known for a long time of the chemical weapons part of this war equation.

The Boston Globe detailed how Sarin gas is a particularly horrifying weapon — exposure begins with itchy eyes and “drooling and frothing at the mouth,” then proceeds to convulsions, loss of bowel control and eventually, suffocation as “mucus and saliva clogs your bronchial tubes and fills your lungs”: “It’s a pretty demeaning way to die,” said Rudy J. Richardson, a toxicology professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. “Your body loses control of a cascading number of voluntary and involuntary functions, setting them into overdrive until your body can’t handle it, and then everything just pretty much shuts down.” It’s a horrific way to die.

Abe told parliament Thursday, Japan must “clearly keep in mind” the “reality” of the situation, urging his national security panel that “we must have strong deterrence not to allow such things to happen.” The U.S. must be prepared as well. War is coming with North Korea eventually, whether it is today, tomorrow, next week or next month. We are out of options and they must be dealt with. The U.S. doesn’t want war, but we sure as hell are not backing down anymore either.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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