Former Army Intelligence Officer Just Called Out N. Korea On Their FAKE Display Of FORCE

Former Army Intelligence Officer Just Called Out N. Korea On Their FAKE Display Of FORCE

The tubby loser in charge of North Korea has been attempting to show the rest of the world that he is a nuclear force to be reckoned with.

To no avail.

In fact, the only thing that he’s actually been able to do is convince both Russia and China to station troops on the border and America to send in the USS Carl Vinson.

During the April 15th parade that celebrated their “Eternal President” Kim Il-Sung, North Korea made it a point to show off their might, including having soldiers carry automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades.

According to former Army Intelligence Officer, Michael Pregent, however, this was all one big propaganda show. That’s right, North Korea doesn’t have the bite to back up its bark.

After inspecting the video of their march, he came to the conclusion that it was all laughable nonsense.

“If you look, you can see the plastic is over the muzzle,” he said.

Pregent added that North Korea likely has functional RPG capabilities, but the ones on display at the April 15 military parade were fake “because Kim Jong Un doesn’t want them to launch one at the viewing stand.”

Even the sunglasses worn by North Korean “commandos” didn’t meet military standards. The sunglasses look like a “flat-face frame, and that’s not ballistic,” Pregent said.

He also went after the gloves that were being worn by the “commandos.”

“Some of our guys do have them, but most guys go all the way with full gloves based on the heat of the barrel from a round, not to mention they’re fire resistant if you need to pick up something.”

And the “silver-plated” rifles that they were showing off? You guessed it. Fake.

“Saddam had gold-plated handguns, and even he wouldn’t give them to his troops, so these are most likely painted,” he said.

In Right Wing News owner John Hawkins’ new book, 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know, he discusses the importance of paying attention to a person’s actions, not just their words, if you want to see what they really believe. As mentioned above, North Korea is all hat and no cattle. They want a seat at the big boy table and think that the only way to get there is to muscle their way to the front.

They better watch themselves before they find themselves toe-to-toe with someone with a proven record of nuking countries.

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